The Difference Between a Local Facebook Page and a Company Page

When creating a Facebook Business page, the very first step is to choose what type of page you would like. This step is obvious for some professions (e.g. Artist, Entertainment or Community), however if you run a small business, the choice between ‘Local Business’ and ‘Company’ can be a difficult one. Facebook provides no information about the features of each page type, leaving you with no idea of how the choice will affect your page later down the track.Social Media Management

I recently experienced this while on-boarding a new client who already had an existing Facebook page. The client wanted to know why reviews weren’t available on her page. I did some digging and found that when she created the page years ago, she had selected ‘Company’ rather than ‘Local Business’ and only local business pages can receive reviews.

I realised that both page types actually have quite a few differences. So I compiled a list of features of both types of business pages to help business owners make the right choice for their business.

Local Business or Place

If you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store or want people to physically visit you, the Local Business or Place page is for you.


  • Contact information
  • Trading hours
  • Price range
  • Parking options
  • Ability for people to ‘check in’
  • Allows reviews
  • Map listing
Company, Organization or Institution

If you are an online store, have more than one location or foot traffic is not of major importance for your business, this is the option for you.


  • Contact information
  • Mission
  • Awards
  • Products
  • Option to add the ‘check in’ ability after initial set up

In addition to the features above, the list of business categories is different for each page type. As an example, Local Business Pages include categories such as Bars, Beauty salons, Retail shop etc. whereas Company Pages have categories such as Consulting/Business services.

This information is important because it helps fans find your business.

The good news is, if you feel like you have selected the wrong option for your business, you can always change it! Once you set up your page, you can change the category by selecting Edit Page – Update Info. Once you’ve changed the category, the details required will change according to the new category.

Although your company might fall into both of these categories, each offers slightly different features. It’s important to think about which best represents your brand in order to determine which Facebook business page is right for you.

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